Hans Striekwold

My name is Hans Striekwold and I like to introduce myself.
Being educated as an electrical engineer I started to work in 1980 with an Installation company. This company was specialized in the delivery and maintenance of electrical installations, central heating, plumbing and ventilation systems. After starting as a junior technician I quickly became more acquainted with all aspects of electrical installation technology.

After military services I returned to the same company for another 2 years as technician and plumber. I had an all-round experience now to become service technician. With a new company my working area was the middle of the Netherlands and I covered a variety of work as service technician. For example
Solving technical failures and calamities in houses and non-residential
Construction. But I was also responsible for installing radiators, expanding electric installations and installation of sinks and toilets.
In 1990 an acquaintance asked me if I could design and lead his technical service department. An excellent challenge I could not refuse. It was the most innovative industrial bakery in Europe at that time. Fully atomized and even at time already some robotics were used. I created the complete service department, the technical supplies, hired the technicians, and took care of maintenance schedules and fault indication reports for the machinery.

After 5 years at the indide of the company I wanted to have a look at the other side and I was longing for more direct customer contact. I switched to a sales position and sold the products the bakery produced as a market vendor. This commercial step suited me. In my next job as a kitchen designer and sales man I could combine my technical and communicative sales. The past 25 years I became an expert in kitchens and appliances and besides designing and selling kitchens I was a shop manager and project manager. This expertise allows me now to help my customers in an independent and professional way

The wish for an independent role, doing things the way I believe in them, making time for my customers and giving them the attentions they deserve made me start my own company: Quuick technical installations & other chores in and around your house or company. Quuick stands for the quick service and delivery of appliances. It also refers to Quooker, the hot/cooking water taps which I am specialized in. Back again were it all started and feeling at home: providing excellent service, making your life comfortable and as quick as possible!